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Wix template with a design perfect for Professionals. 




WIX is the easiest drag-and-drop website editor for beginners. If you want an easy way to run your own blog and the online store and change the design whenever you need it, then a WIX Template is for you.


Fonts Used:

Marck Script

Libre Baskerville

Starlette1 WIX Template - Website Design for Professionals- Desktop and Mobi

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$143.99Sale Price
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    • Home
    • Contact
    • Blog
    • Portfolio
    • Community Pages

    Easily add/remove any pages or sections that you don’t need.

    Everything you can see in the live demo will be there for you when you open the template.

    You will need your own logos to replace the JHAI Designs example logos used in the template.

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